A couple of weeks ago I woke up with my vision really wonky. My left eye seemed out of focus and I had flashes of lights. When I looked at anything digital straight on like my clock or phone, there was a spot just to the left that was just blank.

I called my eye doctor but couldn’t get an appointment for another week. So I decided I would wait to see if it cleared up on its own by then. A couple of days went by and no improvement and then came the headaches. After three days of headaches I called my regular doctor, told him my symptoms and he told me to go to the emergency room since I had a history of stroke (I had a TIA, mini stroke, when I was 45)

I decided not to, so I called back the eye doctor and told them it was an emergency and they stuck me in. After a whole batch of exams and scopes and imaging, it turns out I am just getting old.

It seems the gel within the eye gets more liquid with age and it separates a bit from the retina, causing all the stuff I had going on. It is supposed to eventually clear up on its own which could be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

My sight has gotten a little better but I have this floater in the left eye that gives the illusion of a film over the eye when I look to the side. Very annoying. I have restrictions such as no heavy lifting and no jumping on a trampoline, which I was restricted to from the time I had my AICD implanted so no love lost there.

I only wonder if it is that it eventually goes away or your brain just adjusts to the changes eventually.

Written by Basil Rene

I maintain two separate blogs. One is LifeAsAnAnomaly.com where I discuss my life with sarcoidosis and the other is AChefTalksFood.blog, where as the name implies, I talk about food.


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