Think Before Playing The Hero

I stood in the aisle at the grocery, alone, looking at the different ice cream selections, trying to find the one with the least sugar, when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a small figure at the top of the aisle. I looked up and there was a young girl, about five, standing there with a doll, looking at me.

My natural instinct would be to go ask the child if she was lost and help her find her parent. The reality is, we now live in a world with very paranoid parents, and rightfully so, because there are just too many sickos out in the world. Instead, I took my cart and wheeled my groceries the other way, away from the lone child, trying to keep my eyes on her the entire time, towards the line of cashiers to tell an employee that there was a potential lost child at the top of the aisle.

I could just hear the out cry from some of you out there that I left the child alone and in possible danger. Before you judge me, first, think about the parent that was not paying enough attention to allow the child to wander off alone. Secondly, if I had taken the child by the hand and assumed she came from my right and started to lead her towards where I thought she was from, at the same time her parent noticed her missing and was really to my left, when they appeared, what will they see? To them, a pedophile walking in the opposite direction with their child. A pedophile. I would be the one having to try to explain that I was not kidnapping a child but trying to find her parent, rather than the parent having to explain why they took there lazy eye off of the child in the first place.

I told an employee of the lost child, and only after she told a cashier to make an announcement over the PA system about the lone child in the ice cream aisle did she approach the child.

The moral of the story is, despite your best efforts to be a good person, in this day and age of paranoia and psychos, you need to protect yourself first before playing the hero.

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