I Got Genetically Tested For Colon Cancer And It Got Me Thinking

My paternal grandmother, father and two paternal first cousins all died from colon cancer so I started having colonoscopies from an early age, 37. I had five so far and all have been good results.

My doctor suggested that I get genetically tested to see if I carry the gene for colon cancer just like you can be tested to see if you carry the gene for breast cancer. My insurance paid for it so I thought I would get it done.

The results of the tests came back after three weeks and it had me thinking about all the news stories about women who tested positive for the breast cancer gene and had their breast removed so they don’t get breast cancer.

I wondered what would I do if my tests came back positive for the colon cancer gene? Would I ask my doctor to remove my colon so I don’t get colon cancer? What would happen if I were tested for the brain cancer gene?

My test came back that I did not have the gene for colon cancer so I didn’t need bother about having my colon removed “just in case”.

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  1. I’ll never have a colonoscopy. Our neighbor nearly died from his.

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      Any procedure has its risks. Even a simple teeth cleaning is potentially fatal. My cousin ended up with mitral valve prolapse. Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop brushing my teeth 🥴


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