A Haunting At Work

I went into work today and when I got there, every single light was on in the place. There are a few lights that stay on over night, but they turn off automatically in the morning.

I thought maybe there was a power spike over night and the lights malfunctioned, so I shut them all off and went back outside to get something from my car, which was the only car there.

When I walked back in, every light was back on again. Hmmm. Was I dealing with a mischievous ghosts? I put down my stuff, shut the lights off again and went back to my car.

I came back in and the lights were back on. I was not freaked out – yet. I thought to myself that I needed to call the electrician because the lights were going bonkers and then the electrician appeared out of no where.

I forgot that he was coming in to work on changing bulbs and his assistant went with the van to get stuff, so every time I shut off the lights and went outside, he came back in and turned them on thinking that the lights were bugging out or there was a ghosts playing tricks on him.

It’s only me this kind of sitcom action could happen to!

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