What A Doctor Wishes Patients Knew About The End

Death. It’s one of the biggest fears of many people. It is a subject that is avoided at all costs and most people stick their heads in the sands and pretend it is not going to happen.

But for many people with a chronic illness, it seems that death comes a little sooner than hoped. I for one hope to live well into my nineties, but I have a few life threatening conditions, so I am not afraid of death and neither am I afraid to discuss death,

For many, hospice care will be the end of the road, but yet we don’t want to talk about it until we get there. But we sit in our little lives quietly waiting and fearing its inevitable arrival.

Wouldn’t it be easier to know how it is more than likely going to turn out. When you have the knowledge it might help take away the fear. And that’s what one doctor wants every patient to know. BJ Miller writes that death won’t always be consumed with sadness if caregivers and patients have a few crucial conversations along the way.
— Read the full article here. www-m.cnn.com/2019/07/18/opinions/doctor-advice-facing-death-miller/

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  1. We fear things we don’t understand or don’t have enough knowledge about. Once those barriers are broken, we have a new perspective on life.

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  2. One doesn’t have to fear death if one fully understands it.

    from E.E.Cummings:

    death,as men call him,ends what they call men
    —but beauty is more now than dying’s when

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