Photo Essay: A Walk On The Beach

I went for a walk on the beach on a gloomy day. No one else was there except for some kids boogie boarding. And one hungry seagull. Sometimes you need to be alone just to gather your thoughts or just be, even if it is ten minutes on a gloomy beach. It can revive you….

Biotechs Are Fighting To Treat Sarcoidosis And Other Autoimmune Disease

While we mostly think of disease as being caused by bacteria or viruses, an illness can often occur when the body’s own defenses turn against itself. Here we’ll take a look at seven rare autoimmune diseases you may not have heard of and what biotechs are doing to treat them. — Read on

Defying The Rules And Living

When I first discovered that I had a hole in my heart, I was told that for six months afterwards I would need to take it easy. I needed to give the heart time to grow tissue over the plug that was placed in the hole, otherwise, if I fell too hard or anything like…

Thank You Mum.

For mum. I miss you. I love you. All I have and all I feel Is all because of you All I reap is all I sow And love is our living proof Thank you for life Thank you for everything I stand here in Grace and Gratitude And I thank you … Seasons come…

Thoughtless Thursday: 8.22.19

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The Weekend Revisit Of: Baby Come Back

Last night my wife put a baby picture of me along side a more recent photo of myself in a frame on her desk. It’s me, less than a year old, in a cloth diaper, sitting on a curb in a rural part of my mother land, with grass behind me, and I am laughing….