A Beautiful Message From A Friend

For people that live with and love their four legged friends as if they were human, we all know how hard it is when they pass on. Honestly, it is almost always unbearable.

Yet, we continue to bring those beautiful dogs, cats, birds etc. into our lives knowing full well that we will more than likely watch them pass before we do. I know for me I never want to pass and leave a an pet behind.

I read a beautiful blog post written by Tom Derby over at “Eagle Canyon Flyer” yesterday where he had a very lucid dream that his beloved dog Roxy came and gave him a message. A beautiful private message he shared with the world and now I share that again with you.

“They tell you not to cry – it’s jus’ a dog, not a person, that animals don’t know they have to die, that the important thing is not to let me suffer.

You’re told that you can have another, but they don’t know what or how you felt when you held me during the last moments of my earthly life.

Tom, you were so gentle — as always — and I could hear your soft voice, smell your scent and feel your hot tears. I know you truly loved me.

No one knows how many times you’ve looked me in the eye and knew that this ‘animal’ would never judge you, or the number of times I was the only one by your side or how much you’ve changed since I became a part of your life.

They can’t know how many times you spoke to me as if I were a human, and that I was the only one really listening, and though I didn’t understand all your words, that I was the only one who knew you were suffering and that when things went wrong, I was the only one who refused to leave your side.

Nor do they understand that crying and mourning over my passing is one of the most noble and sincere things you could do. For me, knowing that, leaves my heart full in the knowledge that you are a good and loyal friend.

Oh, the things some people don’t know – I’d stack up against what this dog understands and does so without words but through our eyes, the wag of our tails, a lap of a moist tongue and the touch of a paw at all the right moments.

You did right by me, thank you and now, let your mind be at peace and your anguish be put to rest in knowing that I’m patient and will be waiting for you when that time is right, my dear and loving human.”

Originally posted by at Eagle Canyon Flyer

Tom and his pitbull Roxy

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