The Weekend Revisit of: Memory? What Memory?


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My memory sucks. That’s it plain and simple. I am telling myself that it is because of all the different medications that I am on, but it’s no consolation. I have these moments where I totally blank out on things. I have absolutely no recollection.

The night before last, my wife and I went to our favorite Thai restaurant and after the meal, I paid with my credit card. I always double check that I put it back in my wallet, and my wife always asks me before we leave a restaurant if I took my card. That night was no exception, and I know that I put the card in my wallet.

Yesterday morning I went to the supermarket to get a few things and as I went to pay, my card was not in my wallet. I thought that I probably placed it in another section. I took everything out, and nothing. I called the restaurant to see if they had the card by chance. Nope. What happened between the restaurant and that moment at the supermarket, regarding my wallet I had no recollection of. It was a total blank. So I called the bank and cancelled the card.

It was baffling me all day what happened to the card because I was sure I did not use it to buy anything online that night. Last night when I got home, I went to put my phone in the “Vio Light” sanitizing unit I have to sanitize my phone every night, and guess what was in there? You guessed it. My credit card.


Apparently I put the card in there that night we came back from the restaurant to sanitize it because the waitress had a bit of the sniffles, and when she took my card away, she sneezed while processing it. Yes, I am a bit of a germaphobe (although my wife tells me I am still not careful enough).

It really frustrates me when I can’t remember stuff. It’s a total blank. Maybe one day What I can do is … is … is … wait, I forget what I was going to say.

Originally posted October 19, 2012
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  1. The way of the world gives us too much to process.😰

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  2. Try Doctor’s Best “Brain Magnesium.” Amazon sells it. Read up on the active ingredient first… in other words, Google research on the main ingredient.

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