Life’s Little Detour

What do you do when you are on a trip and along the way their is road construction? The road is rough and it is being repaved and there is heavy, heavy traffic?

Do you get out of your car and say “To hell with it! I did not sign up for this non sense!” Then you just park your car on the shoulder of the highway, decide to forget about the rest of your trip and dwell on the fact that this ridiculous construction you did not plan for.

Or do you look for an alternative route? And if there is no way to get off the highway and you have to ride out the traffic until at least the next exit, do you obsessively keep punch at your navigation to find a better way?

And then when you realize you have no choice but to ride out the traffic, do you bang on the steering and curse the entire way through or do you use that opportunity to appreciate the sites you are slowly driving by while listening to some music you really enjoy or even a good audio book or podcast?

Think of your life as a road trip and your medical condition as a detour. Which way sounds better? Giving up or looking for a better treatment? And if there is no better treatment and if it is inevitable you have to go through some medical crap for the rest of your life, do you curse at life for the rest of it or do you make the most of it.

Living with a medical condition is not easy and actually down right horrendous for some. But it is the path we were given and in some beliefs, it’s the lesson you chose to live. So why bitch and moan about the cards you were dealt? Do your best to be positive and look at all the beauty life has to left to offer and accept it and just live.

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