Wednesday Words Of Wisdom: Repost of “Put A Positive Spin On Your Life”

Just something to think about. If you consider yourself an organized person and at the end of the day you review your to do list and and see all that you need to do tomorrow, think about this for a minute. You have just focused on the negative aspect of your day. You just focused on all that you “failed” to do. Instead, at the end of your day, look at your list and see all that you accomplished for the day, pat yourself on the back for getting all that done, and worry about the new list tomorrow. Sometimes, we don’t realize just how much negativity we put in our life. And in that same thought, instead of sitting and thinking of all we can not do with a chronic illness, think of all that you were able to do today with that chronic illness. Put a more positive spin on your outlook, and you will see such a difference in your life. It works for me.

Originally Posted February 17, 2013

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