Good Deeds Are Sometimes Best Left In Your Heart

Today I pulled up behind a car at a red light in a left turn only lane, driven by an elderly lady. Her car was too far from the line to be registered by the sensor so the light never turned green.

After the other lights turned green a couple of times I contemplated tooting my horn gently to indicate she should move up so her car was over the sensors in the road, but thought that was rude so I decided not to turn left and just go straight.

I pulled around her car and decided to be helpful and tell her that she needed to pull her car up to the line so that the sensor could register her car and then the light would change. There were no other cars around so I safely pulled up along side her. Her passenger window was already half way down.

“Hi” I said. ” The sensor …. ”

“FUCK YOU! ” the little old gray haired lady shouted from her car while giving me the finger

I rolled up the window and drove of. I would often judge people that don’t stop and help, but now it looks I will become one of those. Who knows if next time I don’t encounter a nut with a gun instead of an old nut with a fuck you!

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  1. Marla says:

    That reminds me of when I was in London 30 years ago and a woman on the sidewalk was carrying a lot of bags and dropped them. I stopped to help her and she screamed at the top of her lungs, “PUT DOWN MY BAGS!!” I said, “I’m trying to help you!” She kept screaming. I was horrified!! LOL!!

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      Some people are just crazy. I think when we we encounter them it is just to walk away.


    2. Goodness! Funny though.

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  2. Barbara Lane says:

    I hear you! But we must never let those hateful, angry people stop us from remaining caring and helpful.

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      So true. We just have to be careful now tho and when we encounter them unaware we just have to walk away

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      1. Barbara Lane says:

        Yes. In today’s world it’s a little scary that they might have a gun!

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  3. True. Reminds me of when I helped someone who claimed she couldn’t pay he rent to make sure her three children have shelter. I borrowed her the money and found out later she went to Las Vegas with a boyfriend with the money. When it was time to pay me back she gave me the tun around and had the nerves to tell me she can’t get blood out of turnip. What nerves! I got blood out of turnip when I helped you. I had to report her to her boss before I could get my money. Till now, I’m very reluctant to help anyone.

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      Yep. Been there with a family member many years ago. Don’t know how some people sleep at night!


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