Second Look Sunday: For My Cousin

Originally Posted May 22, 2013

As a boy, my favorite cousin, Fay, was about 20 years older than me and she was fun. She had three children around my age that I played with frequently. The middle child, Stacy, was exactly like Fay in every way and we got along great despite she being a girl and five years younger than me. Stacy and I played very well together and she was funny. She had a pet monkey that was crazy like she was.

Eventually teenage years came upon us and we went our separate paths in life. We never kept in direct contact, but always asked after each other through our parents.

When Stacy was about six (I would have been 11), she begged me to tell her a story, so I made up some elaborate story. At the end of the story she was silent and she looked at me straight in the eye, and said these words to me “You lie, you lie, you stinking bitch!”

I burst out laughing so loud because it was such a shock and her expression when she said it. I never forgot that line and often when I know someone is not telling me the truth, I say that line to myself, and I smile, remembering Stacy’s big round face with her turned down eyes telling me that line.

The last time I saw her was about thirty years ago. Stacy died this weekend. She had ovarian cancer, and even though I had not kept in touch and not seen her in all that time, it hurt like hell. I am not a man that cries easily, but her death really hit me hard.

It’s funny how in life someone comes across your path that leaves such a life long impression, and you don’t ever realize just how much until you get the news that they died. It just goes to show how when we are in the good old days, we don’t realize it and appreciate it at all.

As I write this, Stacy’s funeral is taking place 3,000 miles away, and even though I can’t be there in person, I am there in spirit.

So Stacy, even though we never kept in touch, you were always in my thoughts, my heart and my memories. You often made me smile with your line I still use to this day, and I will miss you. Be at rest my cousin, my friend. I love you.