This Is Getting Too Close To Home

In less than a week, confirmed COVID-19 (Coronavirus) went from hundreds of miles away to 40 miles away to 5 miles away from my home.

I fall into the vulnerable population because of my heart and lung conditions, and so I am being extra cautious.

I have had bad flus before and recovered so I am optimistic that if I continue to be careful, I won’t get it and if I do, I will recover easily and quickly.

However I am less scared of the virus than I am of the people in charge. I don’t like to comment on politics but when you have a President saying it’s all under control, it is stopped and over, and you have more and more cases every day, it gets very concerning. My fear is that government decide to declare marshall law and the country is totally screwed.

That’s where it pays off to be a germaphobe and already have great hygiene habits. We literally wipe down every single thing we bring into the house with anti bacterial wipes. We immediately put down what ever we wore outside to wash and wash all our “outside” clothes in sanitizer.

I know that won’t prevent us getting sick from airborne pathogens but we live far enough away from our closest neighbors and when we go out we wear nasal screens. I just have to remember never to breathe through my mouth so I bite my lips to remind me.

I hope that the weather warms up and that it slows or stops this virus and we can all return to normal. But until then, I am nervously optimistic.