Second Look Sunday: “Lost Keys”

Originally posted June 14, 2013

I am a pretty organized guy for the most part. I file everything away in its place so I can easily locate them. I even keep my keys organized. I don’t have any other keys with the keys for the cars for security purposes, as sometimes I valet park and also for when the cars go into service. Don’t need a copy of my house key being made.

Anyway, my other key ring has my work and home keys. There are about a dozen or so keys on it and each key has a label on it in different colors with the name of the door it belongs to so I know at a glance what each key opens. They are pretty cool plastic bands that you place over the top of the key and drop in hot water and they shrink around the key to form a perfect wrap. Then you just write what you want on a Sharpie marker.

The other day I lost my keys. They keys with the labels. And as an earlier post can attest to, I had no idea where they were. I was a total blank. In addition to the frustration of not remembering a thing about the keys, I also had the fear of if they were found, by someone else. The only place that I used them was at the post office, and no one turned them in there.

I eventually found them, but I had that fear that they were found by someone else. I live about a mile from the post office in a small town of 5,000 people. The reality of one one going to every house and tying each door was absurd, but still it was not a good feeling.

So I decided to replace the labels with initials instead of names. Sometimes it does not pay to be too organized.