Ten Questions For A Ten Year Old Blog

I read the words “Would you answer these ten questions in a post?” in a recent email from a fellow blogger who read my post that I am blogging now for ten years and I thought why not. So here goes. Ten questions about ten years of blogging.

1: Why did you start your blog? I needed an outlet for when I discovered I had sarcoidosis and my life changed forever. There was no information anywhere at the time so I decided to write about my experience with the disease in case anyone else had any questions.

2: You changed the name of your blog a few years into it. Why? I started the blog as “Life With Sarcoidosis” because that was what it was about but as the years went on I realized that my life was not about sarcoidosis. It was about a lot more than that, so I changed the name and the format to reflect that. I still write about my life with sarcoidosis but it’s not the only thing I write about.

3: There are some blogs out there with thousands of followers after just a short time, but your blog is relatively small. How does that make you feel? Honestly, I have more subscribers that I ever dreamt was possible. I like that my blog is small. It is a niche subscription and pretty specific to one disease and I would expect it to be small. Plus I think a large subscription would be too exhausting.

4: Have you established a large network of fellow blogger friends in the ten years you are blogging? Unfortunately no. And the reason I say unfortunately is because many of the people that interacted with me over the years have died or just disappeared from the blogging universe. I can only assume that they have passed on or hopefully gotten better. I will get a group that will be around for a year or two and then they just disappear from the webisphere.

5: How are you able to maintain three separate blogs? I have no idea!

6: Do you write every day? Oh hell no! I am very busy so I write when I can. I don’t pressure myself to post and that’s why I think I have lasted so long. It is an “as can when can” basis. There was a period I barely posted for six months.

7: Have you ever felt like giving up your blog? More times than I an remember, but then I get that email from someone that thanks me for some post I even forgot I wrote and asks me to keep up the “good work”. That gives me purpose to keep going. If I can help one person, I help the universe.

8: Where do you get you inspiration for blog posts? My angels, guides, the universe? I have no idea. Happens in the shower, emptying the dishwasher, listening to a song. Something just pops into my head and I write. But many never make it to the blog. I think I have about 46 unfinished posts in drafts right now.

9: Have you ever posted something you thought was great and nobody liked it? Oh my G-D! Who the hell hasn’t ? I write sometimes what I think is a masterpiece and there is no response and then I would write something in two minutes and it get a huge response. I think that’s the universe telling your ego to take a chill.

10: Do you think that your blog is the best in its category? Eh? First off, what category do I put my blog in? And no. I am not in a competition for best blog. I am not out to make money. As a matter of fact I pay WordPress NOT to put ads on my blog. It’s the best that I can do and that’s all that matters.

Bonus question: What is your biggest pet peeve in blogging? People that do not answer or respond in anyway to comments. If someone took the time to read your post and then offer an opinion the least you can do is hit the like button to say you read the comment. And if you didn’t like the comment say so. Just don’t leave me hanging!

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  1. Whoops, number 9 is so relatable, I did an awesome blogpost sometime ago with thorough research on top Hut it hardly got any traction then one I made empty headed and without much time is the one getting all the attention.
    It’s a funny world, I guess we may not be able to predict one another properly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Basil Rene says:

      So true. It’s the universe keeping our egos in check!


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