Ask Me About My Life With Sarcoidosis

Introducing a new feature on my blog, “Ask me about my sarcoidosis”. I started this blog as a way to help other people with sarcoidosis to get more information and since I get a few emails every week asking me specific questions about my life with the disease, I decided to start a new segment where I would answer your questions as a post.

A disclaimer. This blog is not intended to be a source for medical advice. The posts listed are about my personal experience with the disease. For any medical advice, please always consult with your doctor.

So. What do you want to know? Ask your question in the comments below and I will write a separate post for every question.

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  1. Alec Weber says:

    How did you get sarcoidosis?

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    1. Basil René says:

      Thank for being the first to ask a question. Your answer will be in the form of a post which will go live 5/28 @ 12:05 EDT


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