How Did I Get Sarcoidosis?

“How did you get sarcoidosis?” Is the first question posted to me by Alec on the new feature on this blog, Ask Me About My Life With Sarcoidosis.

That is a very interesting question that I posed to my doctor when I was first diagnosed in 2006 and since my first involvement with the disease is lung related it is assumed that at some point in my life I inhaled some foreign particle and my immune system attacked it but just kept going and continued attacking the rest of my lungs.

That is just an assumption and not a definitive cause. The thing with most diseases is that the cause may not always be what medical science assumes.

In Chinese medicine, afflictions of the lung is caused by grief, mainly the inability to dispel or handle grief. When I was thirteen, after having an argument with him over a very stupid thing, I witnessed my stepfather die from a heart attack and I held that blame in myself for many, many years.

That is my theory of why my lungs were first involved with sarcoidosis and it could also be the western medicine explanation also or both. I will never really know.

Thanks again to Alec for asking the very first question on my Ask Me About My Life With Sarcoidosis feature.

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  1. Teacher Camille says:

    Woah, it’s my first time hearing about this and I couldn’t agree more — grief is a really great cause of most illnesses. In any case, wishing you well (both well-being and in life in general!)

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    1. Basil René says:

      Thanks and thanks for stopping by!

      Liked by 2 people

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