Second Look Sunday: Laughing At Myself

Originally posted Novemeber 2, 2013

Yesterday I went to the doctors office at Mt. Sinai and parked in their parking lot which is a six story structure that is usually always full, but I always manage to get a spot. I left the car and took the elevator down to walk over to the hospital for my appointment.

It was an unusually long wait. I had to wait an hour and a half before I saw the doctor and was not a happy camper. After two hours I headed back to the parking lot and got in the elevator and as the door closed I realized I never made a note if where I parked. I knew it wasn’t the sixth floor so I figured it was on the third. I got out on three and no car. I walked down to two and no car. I took the elevator to five and again, no car. I set off the horn and i could vaguely hear it so I know the car was not stolen. So I walked down to four. Guess what? No car. I figured it must be on the roof so I took the elevator up. And behold, no car.

I began to laugh at myself and there was an elderly couple coming toward me that obviously thought I was nuts. So I took the elevator down to the second floor and got off and walked down all
the while setting off the horn. And it got louder and louder. I eventually found my car, on the first floor. And I laughed again at myself for being a lazy bum for taking the elevator to the ground level in the first place.

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