Second Look Sunday: Putting Things Into Perspective

Originally posted December 2, 2013

Today I had no intention or desire to go to my therapist. You may have read before the previous post that I started Buddhist psychotherapy. Today I was in no mood to talk. It was a long weekend, I was really really tired and in no mood for dealing with anything. But I decided to go anyway because usually when you don’t want to go is when you really need to go.

Earlier in the day, I was going through my Facebook post, when I saw one of my friends put up a warning about using ATMs and and being cautious. There was a video attached to the warning. It was a video with an old woman who was entering an ATM that was not secure. It was a lonely cubicle and the door did not lock. Long story short she was killed, and I was not expecting it.

The murder was gruesome and it disturbed me very deeply. So when I got to my therapy session, I talked about it with my therapist. I could not get the image out if my mind. My therapist is a Buddhist therapist, which is a lot different to regular psychotherapist who just sits there listens and nods.

A Buddhist therapist delves more into the spiritual side of things rather than just clinical. I’m not going to any detail about my session, but all I would say is that I came out of that session feeling a million times better than when I went in. My whole outlook on looking at the traumatic video assimilating it has drastically changed.

Although the video was still gruesome, the images are no longer upsetting. I learned how to put the whole thing in a different perspective and it is something I will use in every aspect of my life.

Simply put, there is my business, your business and God’s business. All I need to be concerned with is my business. It take a lot of stress away.

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