Refusal To Wear A Mask Ends In Death!

People are literally going freaking crazy about having to wear a face mask! What the hell people? It’s just a mask. I have heart failure, stage four scarring of my lungs, hemidiaphragmatic elevation with semi-paralysis (look that shit up) and I have no issue wearing a mask in public.

A man, who refused to wear a mask at a Michigan store, stabbed a 77-year-old man who confronted him. Then police shot and killed him. All for a face mask he refused to wear!
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  1. It really is amazing. I have an immune disorder. I always wear a mask even when I am practically suffocating because I can’t always breath out of both my nose and mouth. I suck it up. If I don’t want to wear it, I don’t go out. This baby behavior is putting so many people at an unnecessary risk.

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    1. Basil René says:

      It is unfortunate but I decided not to get mad at the masks conspiracy idiots anymore and just look at the second stage Covid-19 Pandemic as a culling of the idiotic non mask wearers. I’ll continue to wear my mask and hopefully not get infected by these fools. I am also beginning to wonder if it is they are infected and don’t know it. It does affect the brain in ways unknown.

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      1. You could be right about that. I think at this point, so many months into this pandemic, that people would realize it isn’t just the sniffles going around.

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  2. Lisa Coleman says:

    Why do people have to be so stupid sometimes? It’s just not that hard. 😷

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    1. Basil René says:

      You answered the crux of the problem. They’re stupid! 🧐

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