Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now

I have not added anything new to this blog in two months because I haven’t had the time to dedicate towards it.

Maintenance of a blog is not an easy thing. I have this blog for ten years and it takes time, effort and dedication to maintain.

It’s not as simple as just writing what comes to your head and hitting “post. I mean, I could do that but I have more respect for the craft of writing and for the reader than that.

To put up a post means coming up with something of value, substance and meaning. Then it needs to be proof read, edited and tweaked. Then selecting the correct image to post with it, tagging etc. Then there is the social media aspect of spreading the word that a post is up.

All of that takes some time. In some cases more than a couple of dedicated hours to get it just right. And sometimes it all seems for nought.

When I started this blog I wrote strictly about my life living with the disease of sarcoidosis. My original intention was to educate and provide information about the disease because back in 2006 when I was diagnosed, there wasn’t any information. I would go to a doctor and say that I had the disease they would ask “what is that?”.

I gathered subscribers from like people and they commented on my posts, asking questions, sharing experiences. Slowly, my blog started to get some action and word spread among the sarcoidosis community and suddenly I was seen as the guru of sarcoidosis.

People began writing all the time asking for cures, for help, for answers, product and book reviews, endorsements etc. Many times I would not give them the answers they wanted so desperately because I was not a medical professional.

The whole thing scared me and I changed the focus and name of my blog to how to live a life with sarcoidosis positively. I steered away from the medical side more towards the spiritual side. That move cost me a lot subscribers but I didn’t mind because I was not feeling the pressure of being the poster boy for sarcoidosis.

At that time I slowed down on my blog activity for quite a while and then I redesigned my blog page, started posting more and suddenly my subscriptions started climbing again.

There was a large difference between when I started my blog and had less than 10 subscribers to now where I have a little more than 1,600 subscribers on Facebook, Twitter and WordPress all together. A small figure to most but to me that is a hell of a lot more than what I had the couple first year of my blog.

When I had a small following on my blog, they were engaged. For every post I wrote they would comment and question and advise. Now with over 1,600 people, I get some likes but comments are not forthcoming.

Everyday I get about 10 new followers, BUT they are what I call follow you follow me hunters. They aren’t really following the blog. They are trying to draw attention to their own blog and that is the way the “experts” tell them to do it. If I don’t follow them back they unfollow me. It’s all really quite pathetic.

And the likes are half real. There are so many people that I know just read the heading and not the content and hit “Like”. It gets them noticed. It’s not a genuine like of the post.

So my whole dilemma is, is it really worth my time and effort to continue this blog? I am putting lots of effort and to no avail. Maybe it is my writing is just boring and crappy and I need to come that reality too. I’m not looking for praise. I an looking for engagement and clearly my writing isn’t doing that.

I have gone through this before and kept at it but now it is different. I need to concentrate on my health and well being and put all my effort into that right now. Things are not going so well right now and I have not written about it here because I don’t want to waste my time and effort sharing that with, well, no one.

I will mull it over for a bit but being away has made me realize that unlike previous breaks where people wrote to ask about the blog, not one person that subscribes checked it. So that means I have no connection with the readers which falls on me not you. And if I have lost that connection then this blog has had run its course and it’s time to close it up.

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  1. 🙂 Well, the choice to leave your blog or to continue blogging is actually yours. What does your intuition tell you?

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    1. Basil René says:

      That’s what I am having an issue with. It’s not giving me a definitive answer! I once read to toss a coin and the first thing you think of is what you really want. It didn’t work for me.

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      1. 🙂 Sleep on it; the answer that you need will present itself.

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  2. Twyla Holman says:

    I’ve told you this before “Don’t Go “ .

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    1. Basil René says:

      Thanks. I hear you but you understand what I am saying right? It feels like I writing to space.


  3. Mosa Mphaho says:

    I’ve just started blogging myself and this caught my attention. Your writing drew me in. Don’t go, please.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Basil René says:

      Thanks. I am still mulling what to do. Decisions, decisions…

      Liked by 1 person

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