Second Look Sunday: Finding Bits Of Peace

Originally posted Jan 21, 2014

Standing with my back to the shower, I let the warm (bordering on hot) water cascade down onto my head as I tilt my head back at just the correct angle to allow the water to completely cover my ears so that all I hear is the sound of water rushing past my ears, and pounding on the top of my skull.

I close my eyes, and in that moment, the world slips away. All my thoughts and contemplations disappear, replaced by the white, soothing noise of water. Water rushing past, cleansing me of a day of what ever negativity passed my way. A day of stress washes away, down the drain and away.

I stand there for what to me seems like just a few minutes, no thoughts, no worries, no pain, no illness, no medications, nothing. And then, reluctantly, I am drawn back to reality, as around me the warmth of the water slowly begins to cool, and I feel the chill start to enter my body, and I realize that I have been standing there for at least twenty minutes as the hot water starts to run out, and I open my eyes, slowly, and I am refreshed, glad to be alive, glad to be able to stand in a shower and enjoy and appreciate life’s little times of peace.

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Basil René was diagnosed with pulmonary sarcoidosis in 2006 and cardiac sarcoidosis in 2007. As a result of sarcoidosis, Basil René has heart failure and lives with an implanted AICD.

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