What Exactly Is My Brand?

I shut down my photography and food blogs as I do not have the time to dedicate to them as much as I wanted. I am combining my three sites right here.

Someone wrote to ask me what exactly is my brand, because they could not quite figure out what my site was really about. Do I look like I am trying to sell something here? It’s a freaking blog, not an online retail store. I write about all kinds of crap, post photos and talk about food. That’s my brand.

And if you don’t quite get my “brand”, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

©️2020 Basil René. All Rights Reserved

Images©️Basil René or Sourced From Mematic &/or Giphy Who Holds ©️Info For All Photographs In Thier Application

Basil René was diagnosed with pulmonary sarcoidosis in 2006 and cardiac sarcoidosis in 2007. As a result of sarcoidosis, Basil René has heart failure and lives with an implanted AICD.

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  1. Cyranny says:

    Taking care of several blogs is a whole lot of work if you want to make a good job with all of them. One is already time consuming 😉 As you said, I don’t see why a blog should have a precise theme… I consider that The Cove is a ”convenience-blog” with a little of this and a little of that. Some people manage to stick with one subject, and have the creativity to go on for years. I couldn’t do that.

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    1. Basil René says:

      Blogs became this whole money making thing and that’s where the “brand” nonsense comes from. People forget the originating of blogs was “ A website that allows users to reflect, share opinions, and discuss various topics in the form of an online journal while readers may comment on posts.” It is not a retail site.

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  2. Just be you and the “brand” shows. People will like you or they wont. Write what you will, how you will. 🤠🔥

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    1. Basil René says:

      Thanks Benjamin. Sometimes people just really irk me with their entitlement. *Deep breaths*.

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      1. I find blogs to be a sense of personal expression. If I was getting compensated by a party, I would get all specific! 🤠🔥

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