Sunset Has Arrived

I started this blog almost eleven years ago and it has been an amazing ride. Most of my interactions have been very positive and I have met some wonderful people virtually along the way.

The intention when I started this blog in 2010 was to help people there were in the same boat as me – having sarcoidosis and not knowing a thing about it. At that time there was so little information about the disease I decided to share my own experiences with the world.

Along the way I received some wonderful emails that said my posts helped not only sarcoidosis patients, but their partners and family members as well. And for that I am very grateful and proud because if I was able to help at least one person, my mission was fulfilled.

Now, almost eleven years later, sarcoidosis is no longer the unknown disease it was back then. There is a lot of information as well as forums and blog sites out there dedicated to the disease.

Writing and maintaining this blog, as well as answering emails and comments over the years, to give support and some understanding to those in desperate ways, has been truly and honor. I am deeply humbled by so much support and encouragement in my time with this blog and the truly heart felt emails where people have shared their deepest fears with the disease.

However, I have come to a point with this blog where there is nothing more for me to share that I have not already said and isn’t currently out there in the world. It is now time for me to close the book on this chapter of my life.

I am saying goodbye to this blog. I am uncertain if I will post again in the future but I wanted my readership to know that my intention at this time is to retire this blog.

One thing I always dislike with other blogs of this category is when the author disappears. Their posts just stop and after becoming invested and following someone’s stories, you very rarely know what happened to them. Did they get bored? Did they die? It becomes a mystery and I felt I owed my subscribers the respect of closure.

I will keep the site up for those that find it in the future and I am definitely still going to respond to any emails and comments. I am still around but not going to be putting up new content.

I want to thank so many people individually but the list is so long. There are those of you that were with this blog from the very beginning and stuck around which I truly appreciate. Some of you joined recently and have been so interactive it’s amazing. And there are those I know who are out there and silent, but I could feel your support. I thank each and everyone of you. I would love to call you out all individually but that would be a very long post, so I am thanking everyone as a group.

I hope that everyone that is unfortunate to be burdened with this disease of sarcoidosis and all of its accompanying conditions is able to somehow find what ever joy is left in their life. It’s there somewhere. We all just have to find it and I hope this blog was able to help even just one person find that joy in a truly challenging time. I wish everyone peace, happiness, love, joy and health. Thank you and farewell.

With deepest appreciation

Basil René

©️2021 Basil René. All Rights Reserved

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  1. Cyranny says:

    I read this post with mixed feelings… I understand your feelings about blogging, and I am grateful that you didn’t just disappear, like so many other bloggers do. But it is sad to know that you won’t be sharing your thoughts with us anymore. I wish you all the best, and hope to see your lion avatar around from time to time 🙂 My boyfriend and I will always owe you for your knowledge and support. 🙂 *Big hugs*

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    1. Basil René says:

      Thanks C! You are one of my biggest supporters and I appreciate you very much. All the best to you and Cheri. *virtual hugs*

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Cyranny says:

        We really appreciate you too 🙂 Thank you for not closing your blog about two years ago LOL I still remember the relief when I found it while waiting at the hospital…

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        1. Basil René says:

          And if you still need any advice (although I am sure by now you guys have researched the hell out if this disease), drop me a line anytime

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  2. Danielle says:

    Thanks for candidly and bravely sharing your story and experiences. You’ve been a tremendous support to so many over the years. I am grateful to have found you and wish you all the best! Hopefully you’ll check in with a status update every once in a while!


    1. Basil René says:

      Thanks Danielle. Glad I was able to be some help. I will probably update now and then. Take care and all the best


  3. I survived sarcoidosis..doing much better. Hope all goes well for you..will miss you . Anita

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Basil René says:

      Thank you Anita. Best of luck with your journey!


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