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  1. Vanderbilt Medical Center is doing research on Sarcoidosis. They now have enough research to prove that it is caused by bacteria. The current procedure they are using involves the use of 4 antibiotics all at one time. The dr. is “Wonder Drake.” All I can say is she is absolutely awesome. I was diagnosed in 2000 but did nothing but alternative medicine. It’s been a long time since I was bothered by the disease (lungs/liver/spleen), but I went to see Dr. Drake yesterday just to be screened. My breathing tests came back fantastic. So, while I wasn’t a candidate, I was pleased with my test results.

    I believe there is something that can help you. Contact her. Drake, Wonder”


    1. Thank you for the information. I looked up Dr. Drake on the Vanderbilt web site and it sounds very interesting. I called her office and spoke with her nurse and she is still accepting new patients for her study, and Dr. Drake will call me back next week to speak.


    2. I did get in contact with Dr. Drake’s office, but they are not taking new patients. The are still accepting new people for her study, but I do not qualify as my sarcoidosis does not affect the skin.


    1. Just found your blog. Am interested in knowing of anyione with sarcoidosis of the liver leading to cirrhosis. Understand it is less than 1% of sarcoid sufferers. Am starting the process to see if I qualify for a liver transplant. Have never had lung problems but have also had a serious bout with demylenating neuropathy, which I understand to be also unusual.


      1. Hopefully someone here can answer you. I personally have no experience or know anyone with Sarcoidosis of the liver. If you have a facebook account, you can probably post your question on my facebook page, “Living With Sarcoidosis”.


  2. Hi, I was researching Sarcoidosis on the internet and happened upon your blog. Thanks for sharing your information. I have been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis for more than 10 years now (lungs, eyes, heart issues – from oxygen deprivation), have taken prednisone (unsuccessfully), was on methotrexate for 10 years, and have just now tried remicade (unsuccessfully and with horrible allergic reaction). My doctor is now going to plaquenil and cellcept. I live in Colorado at altitude which presents lots more problems. Anyway, I just wanted to say, hang in there. thanks for sharing info, and if you ever want to compare notes or chat, I’m on Facebook. Deborah Lardinois

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  3. Mr. Rene, thank you for using your gift for writing to create this informative, useful, and inspiring blog. I just came across it this morning and have enjoyed reading the articles in the archives, especially the “Prednisone Demon”. You have managed to turn our mutual illness into an opportunity to help others by providing this place for us to connect with and learn from fellow sarcoidosis sufferers, instead of feeling so alone with our strange disease. Well done and keep up the good work! My very best regards, Stephen W. Wallace, D.D.S.


  4. Good morning Basil , I wanted to know if I can have your address so I can send this package out to you – I deleted my emails by accident and your mailing address was one of hundreds that got erased so sorry – Thank you Danny B LI NY


    1. Danny, I changed emails and blog names etc and somehow your email got deleted in the mix. Wanted you to know that I got the package today (apparently been sitting in the PO and they never gave me a notification). Thank you so much and I will let you know how it goes. Please send me your email again. Thanks.


  5. Basil if your ever in the nyc or long island area please let me know i would love to get you scanned with the biophatonic scanner as featured on the dr oz show to give you a true reading of your antioxidant score and please let me know if the cordy max and life pak nano helped you feel or breath better – danny li ny also if you would like your followers to get scanned please let me know and we can set up a scanning event for our fellow sarcoid fighters – thanks

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    1. Danny, I actually haven’t started them as yet. Going through a allergy homeopathic regimen right now and will start the sups afterwards.

      Will you or wife be interested in writing a guest post on my blog about the testing for antioxidant scores? I think I would be better written by those in the know.


  6. Hi! I have nominated YOU for the Liebster Award. As said there, “I am nominating people with whom I have had very insightful and educational discussions with, who care about their followers and whose sites I really enjoy visiting…if you’ve done this already and do not wish to participate anymore, kindly give us a link to your Liebster Award page — I really do want to read your answers! If you can’t answer because it does not follow your blog’s strict format, or you simply just don’t want to, no biggies, we understand.”

    I just want you to know I appreciate you and your blog. You can find your award here: Rock, Liebster!


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