Olivia’s Music Monday Motivation

In 1971, when I was 9 years old, i was outside in my yard playing by myself. The television was on inside the living room and I heard the most beautiful voice eminating from the black and white TV. I ran inside to see who was the angel singing and saw a blond woman in a white frilly dress singing what sounded like a country song.

I was not yet into girls at that time, and so I know it was her voice that i fell in love with. My mother worked as a manager at a radio station, which also owned the TV station I was watching, so like any responsible 9 year old, i picked up the telephone and called my mother at work, told her secretary it was very important, and told my mother that I needed to know who that woman was that was singing on the TV. My mother came through for me and by the end of the day i knew the name Olivia Newton John, and that name has been with me almost every single day of my life since then.

I pestered my mother to please get me what ever tapes of her music she could get, and since then I have owned almost every single piece of music that she has ever put out. As of today, not counting Christmas songs, I have 187 songs by Olivia on my iPhone

Over the years, I have listened to her music almost every single day, and her music has essentialy been the soundtrack to my life. Through good times and bad, I have listed to her music, and many a time the lyrics of her music, accompanied by that amazing voice, has gotten me through some very tough times.

I now have a feature on my blog where I will put up one of her songs, along with the lyrics and how exactly that particular song has motivated me.

June 22nd 2020 – If not for you

June 29th 2020 – Serenity

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