My 700th Post

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I Am Shutting Down My Newspaper

Sarcoidosis News Daily Review, my daily newspaper is coming to an end as of tomorrow. Quite honestly, I started the paper a while ago as a bit of self promotion to gain followers on my blog. It didn’t really work, and I am not into gathering followers anymore. I am in a place now where…

Sharing My World 2015 – Week #3

Here is my weekly contribution to Cee's Photography challenge, Share Your World Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest? Olivia Newton John. First off, I have been a fan of her music since I was 9 years old, long before she got famous in Grease. I…

Share Your World 2015 – Week #2

Here we are with week two of Cee's Photography Share Your World Questions. For more info, check out Cee's blog here. Are you a hugger or a non-hugger? I am a big time hugger, but only if the other person is open to it. I always crack up (inside) when I hug a non hugger…

Share Your World – 2015 Week #1

For more info on the Share Your World project, please head over to Cee's Photography for more info Share Your World – 2015 Week #1 How do you get rid of pesky phone calls from telemarketers? What are you a “natural” at doing? How often do you get a haircut? What’s the first thing that…

Just How/Do Would You Respond To This?

I get all types of emails regarding my blog, but yesterday I received the most bizarre one yet. I won’t bother to go into who wrote it or put all of the totally insane content of the email, but this one part I found really, really odd.

Excuse Me, But Christmas IS A Religious Holiday

The other day I was reading an article by a non Christian person about their experience growing up with Christmas, and in the article, the person said that “… Christmas is a secular holiday in the US anyway” and for some reason that statement offended me. I am by no means a Religious man. Although…

Snapshots Of My Life: What The Hell Are These Snapshots?

I get very interesting direct mail with people asking me questions about sarcoidosis, or just to vent about the disease, and I got a very different one the other day. The person wrote to tell me that they are following my blog and enjoy it, but “… this new feature you started called “Snapshots Of…

Is It Ever Possible To Blog Without Ego?

I have trying to live my life without ego as much as I can, and have been readung a bit about it here and there. I recently read where one person claims that he lives an ego free life and I thought to myself, Isn’t that your ego talking?

Answering The Award

I recently received a nomination from a fellow blogger J. Gi Federizo over at The End Justifies The Means for a blog award called the Liebster. I am flattered and honored when someone acknowledges my blog for an award, and as always, very appreciative. The awards usually require you to single out about ten other…

Flashback Friday – The Case Of The Disappearing Blogger

Originally posted January 19, 2011 The Case Of The Disappearing Blogger One thing about following a blog that is written by a person with a chronic illness is that one day that blog may just stop. One last entry and nothing more.

Heading Out For A Vacation

I know, I said that I was going to be more active on the blog and I haven’t. I have been so crazy busy that even I can’t keep up with me. Sometimes I don’t even know if I am coming or going.

Just A Note About Comments And Spam

Lately I started to receive a lot of comments on my blog that are getting past the spam filters. The spammers are getting more and more ingenious. Wouldn’t it be great if they funneled all of that energy they use into creating spam into actually doing some good in the world?