Yep, I Have Yet Another Blog

I already have two blogs here on WordPress, and now the crazy person that I am apparently does not think I have enough on my plate, so I start a new blog. This new one is just photography though. No expounding on life. Check the blog here

What Are You Afraid Of Mr. & Ms. Blogger?

When I read a blog post, I want the opportunity to comment or say if I like it. More and more I come across blogs that have the option to comment or to like missing. In WordPress, it is by default on the blog, and you have the option to remove the comment and the…

Tomorrow Is The Start Of The Blogging A To Z Challenge

It starts tomorrow and I have no “theme” idea for my Blogging A To Z April Challenge. I am not sure that I need one really. It will be a challenge in itself to come up with a post for each day of the month. If you are not familiar with the challenge, it is…

A Dedicated Visitor or A WordPress Glitch?

My blog averages about 50 visitors a day, with about twice as many views. Yesterday however, I had 31 visitors and 867 views. Either WordPress had a system glitch or someone pretty much looked at almost every post I had in one day. That's dedication. Hats off to you mystery visitor. Hats off to you….

My 700th Post

  Written by Basil Rene © 2014 All Rights Reserved

Sharing My World 2015 – Week #3

Here is my weekly contribution to Cee's Photography challenge, Share Your World Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest? Olivia Newton John. First off, I have been a fan of her music since I was 9 years old, long before she got famous in Grease. I…

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Admittedly, I have not been keeping up with posts to this blog, but life happens and time seems to slip away from me more and more. Hopefully I will be able to get a grip soon and be able to devote time more appropriately to the blog. Until then, here is a quick update of…

Flashback Friday – The Case Of The Disappearing Blogger

Originally posted January 19, 2011 The Case Of The Disappearing Blogger One thing about following a blog that is written by a person with a chronic illness is that one day that blog may just stop. One last entry and nothing more.

Heading Out For A Vacation

I know, I said that I was going to be more active on the blog and I haven’t. I have been so crazy busy that even I can’t keep up with me. Sometimes I don’t even know if I am coming or going.