The Weekend Revisit Of: “Count Your Blessings”

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The Weekend Revisit Of: Muscle Pain You Can’t Help

I have muscle pain, and it has bothered me for three days now. It’s not a general pain all over, but in one particular muscle, my pectoralis major. That muscle that sits right in your chest. The pain is only in my left pec, and it is a pain that I want to reach in and…

Sarcoidosis Explained In Fewer Than 140 Characters.

Sarcoidosis: an inflammatory disease in which granulomas, (clumps of inflammatory cells), form in various organs causing organ inflammation. For a more detailed explanation, check this poster for more info.  

Is It Possible To Get Life Insurance When You Have Sarcoidosis?

I came across this article (Click on link below) on how to get life insurance approval despite having sarcoidosis. Unfortunately, this does not hold for cardiac sarcoidosis as if you check any insurance application with anything related to the heart, you are denied faster than a person ordering steak at a vegan restaurant. However, I hope…