Motivational Monday: It Has To Rain, But Not Today

Life with a chronic illness can suck at times, and for many, it seems the down days are more frequent than the up days. But when you do have the up days, make the most of it. Appreciate it. Enjoy it. Appreciate the rainbow and don't sit around waiting for the rain to return.  …

Snapshots Of My Life: Expressions Of My Gratitude

Sitting at the podiatrist Waiting my turn Hearing a toddler scream Watching the parent burn Hoping that quickly They will be gone like a gust Silently thanking ourselves Children we chose not for us             Written by Basil Rene © 2015 All Rights Reserved

Flashback Friday: Let Yourself Be

Originally posted to my blog on May 10, 2011 As I browse the sarcoidosis and heart failure blogs, they all seem to have a common theme going on now, and that is frustration. Frustration with the condition, frustration with friends and family, and frustration with having to keep up appearances.

Flashback Friday: If Someone Had Told Me

Originally posted to my blog on May 8, 2011 If someone told me five years ago that today I would have a hole in my heart that would be discovered only after having a mini stroke, I would have laughed.

My 700th Post

  Written by Basil Rene © 2014 All Rights Reserved