Yep, I Have Yet Another Blog

I already have two blogs here on WordPress, and now the crazy person that I am apparently does not think I have enough on my plate, so I start a new blog. This new one is just photography though. No expounding on life. Check the blog here

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Things Found on a Farm

My submission for the CB&W Photo Challenge Things found on a farm I love goats. For years I wanted to keep goats but alas, not yet. But one day. These goats were on a farm we visited in back in spring. I could have watched them all day. ©️2019 Basil Rene. All Rights Reserved

Photo Essay: A Walk Through Caramour

My wife and I went for a walk through an empty Caramour Center For The Performing Arts in Katonah, NY. It was a beautiful day and we were the only ones there. Walking in nature is by far one of the best health revivers there is for me. To be just out there, connected to…

Photo Essay: A Walk On The Beach

I went for a walk on the beach on a gloomy day. No one else was there except for some kids boogie boarding. And one hungry seagull. Sometimes you need to be alone just to gather your thoughts or just be, even if it is ten minutes on a gloomy beach. It can revive you….

Thoughtless Thursday: 8.22.19

©️2019 Basil Rene. All Rights Reserved Images©️Basil Rene or Sourced From Mematic &/or Giphy Who Holds ©️Info For All Photographs In Thier Application