This Is Getting Too Close To Home

In less than a week, confirmed COVID-19 (Coronavirus) went from hundreds of miles away to 40 miles away to 5 miles away from my home. I fall into the vulnerable population because of my heart and lung conditions, and so I am being extra cautious. I have had bad flus before and recovered so I…

Six Word Story Saturday: “The Piano”

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Six Word Story Saturday: “Friends”

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The Weekend Revisit Of: Gazing Into Truth

I look at the white framed image of the man in front of me, his face revealing nothing of what really lies with in his soul, except his eyes. The eyes tell it all, their perfect brown circles staring out, trying to express neutrality, but can’t. They express the true meaning of the man, his…

Wednesday Words Of Wisdom: Ending Misery

All too often you hear people bitch and moan about their life. No one can ever make you do anything. You always have the option to refuse. You may probably lose your job or your partner but you will keep your integrity. Rather than be miserable, find the joy and love in your job, your…

This Church’s Nativity Depicts The Holy Family Separated At The Border

“Claremont United Methodist Church transformed its Christmas nativity scene into a powerful statement about family separation by caging their figures of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph and releasing a theological statement on the United States’ treatment of refugees. ” — Read on

The Importance of Boosting the Immune System – Sarcoidosis News

The immune system removes toxins from the body, staves off infections, and helps in the fight against illness. For someone with a chronic health condition, the immune system is already compromised and working overtime. Thus, boosting the immune system is especially important during cold and flu season — Read on

Sometimes Frustration Cancels Out Positivity, But Just Briefly

No matter how positive you are about life, there are times when that positivity gets thrown out the window and replaced by unadulterated frustration, especially when living with a chronic illness like sarcoidosis. If you follow my blog you know that I am an anomaly, and doctors have no explanation as to how I am…

Lyrics To Live By: Learn To Love Yourself

In 1971 as a nine year old boy, I heard this angelic voice on the TV and later learned it was Olivia Newton John. For the past 48 years I have listened to her music through good times and bad and is by far my favorite artists of all time. This song, “Learn To Love…

9/11. Always Remember

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Becoming A Listener

I don’t talk about my conditions to anyone. There are very few people that do know about my conditions. When I do tell someone about my stuff I have come to realize that most people really don’t want to hear another’s problems. They may sympathize, but they really don’t want to hear about your problems….

Taking Care Of Me

It’s been a while since my last post, almost six weeks. A lot has happened health wise with me since then. Lots of testing and fighting with insurance to pay for the major part of the testing and just saying “F**k it!”, and paying for it myself. It has been a small journey, and one…

And Then There Was One

1 mg of Prednisone. That is what I am down to. I haven’t been this low on a dose since starting the drug in 2006. The lowest I was ever able to get to was 3 mg and all hell would break loose, prompting me to go back up prednisone. Now I made it to…

Try To See The Good In Everything

Change is inevitable. No matter how much we want things to stay or go back to how they were, they never are. So why grieve over the past that can never return. Yes, you were healthy and vibrant a year ago and now you have a chronic illness where you feel like crap most of…

The Weekend Revisit: The Passages Of Time

Why is it that time flies? When I was a boy, it seemed as if time took forever to pass through my universe, but now as an adult, a day, a month, a year flies by in the blink of an eye. I have been at this blogging adventure for a little over two years…

Yes, I Am Alive!

Someone that follows my blog sent an email to me the other day, asking if I was alive as I have not been writing. Yes, I am alive! What can I say? I have been busy but honestly I just haven’t had the zeal to write on my blog, write my book or even journal….