Wednesday Words Of Wisdom: Hate

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3 Super Quick Movie Reviews

I saw three movies this week and here are my reviews: Into The Woods Three classic fairy tales, melded together, then go to what happens after happily ever after. Lots of singing. Like Broadway? You'll like. Don't? You won't.     Exodus Moses thinks he's a prince. Learns he's a Hebrew. Has an identity crisis…

Excuse Me, But Christmas IS A Religious Holiday

The other day I was reading an article by a non Christian person about their experience growing up with Christmas, and in the article, the person said that “… Christmas is a secular holiday in the US anyway” and for some reason that statement offended me. I am by no means a Religious man. Although…

Sunday Thought ……..

Originally posted on 3rdnlong:
” The task of any Religion is NOT to tell us who we are entitled to hate BUT to teach us who we are required to love!”